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Thesis Year is Here!

The one thing that any masters student dreads as they began to reach the end of their graduate career is having to write a master's thesis, or perhaps that is just what I dread. But it is true that I've reached my second year of graduate school in a two-year program and the construction of my master's thesis is on the horizon. I've been assigned a thesis advisor, I have a (decent) idea on a thesis topic and I am enrolled in the graduate thesis bibliography course, which is both conveniently and ironically taught by my thesis advisor.

However, times have changed--per se. You're no long required to write a thesis paper. You may choose between a couple of different options actually: Presenting a second recital, writing extended program notes, giving a recital lecture, and of course writing out a full thesis paper. You would think, given the option, that I'd opted out of the paper for something a little less time consuming, because on paper almost all of the other options SEEM less time consuming. However, I'm that odd human being who actually enjoys research. I wrote a senior thesis for my undergrad and now I'm doing it again... should be fun! With that being said, it is officially thesis year. Hopefully I can create both a good thesis and a good year.

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