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Grad School: Round 2

I completed my first year of graduate school, majoring in Music Composition and Violin Performance, just this past May. After quite the crazy summer, I am back for round 2 and I am busier than ever. It's a good type of busy though but busy none of the less. This semester alone I am carrying a full course load as well as TA-ing for freshman undergraduate courses. I also will be beginning my Master's Thesis (more about that in an upcoming post), preparing for my Master's recital (s) in the Spring, Completing my Piano Proficiency Exam, and composing two major works. AND... I have a part time job! How do I plan on doing ALL OF THAT?? Time management. At lease, that's the plan. I'm hoping to provide updates to this website at least once a month but it shall be a journey all around.

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