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In my work, I aspire to exude the message of hope to marginalized children in exemplifying their seat at the table of music. My work is a testament against the cultural stereotypes that constantly trap children from achieving their full potential. It is a representation of hope and freedom through God and love for everyone.

Infiltrate. Challenge. Inspire.

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Solo and Chamber Ensemble

  • For A Loved One, for Solo Piano (2011)

  • Starting Over, for Cello and Piano (2012)

  • String Quartet No. 1, Op. 3 (2015)

  • The Calm Before the Storm, for Saxophone Trio and Vibraphone (2017)

  • Airplanes for Solo Oboe (2017)

  • Piano Sonata No. 3, Memories, Op. 5 (2018)

  • Expecting, for Solo Cello (2018)

  • Reverence for the Mountaintop, for Solo B-flat Trumpet (2019)

  • Piano Trio No. 1, Contender, Op. 7 (2019)

  • Horizon, for Solo Violin (2020)

  • Moiety, for Alto and Bari Saxophone (2021)

  • "...and they shall be held accountable..." Duo for 2 Double Basses (2021)

  • Mountains, for Horn and Marimba (2021)

  • Forgotten Royalty for String Quartet (2022, in honor of Juneteenth) 

  • Anxious Dreams, Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Piano (2022)

Solo Voice and Choral

  • Oh, Israel, for TTBB A cappella (2014) 

  • For I Love You, for Baritone Voice and piano (2015)

  • Stan’ Still Jordan, for Chamber SATB (2016) 

  • Why Does She Love Me?  A Song Cycle for Tenor and Piano (2019) 

  • Revelation of Conscience for Mixed Chorus and Solo Baritone Voice (2020)

  • Who Has Seen the Wind? for SATB Unaccompanied (2021)

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Orchestral and Symphonic

  • Our Lady's Son for Trumpet and Orchestra (2011)

  • Piano Concertino in A, Theme and Variations, Op. 4 (2016)

  • Rancor and Triumph, Concerto for Cello and Orchestra (2019)

  • Shadows, Symphonic Miniature (2021)

  • tomorrow...and tomorrow...and tomorrow for Pierrot Ensemble and Trumpet (2022)**

  • Ashes to Poinsettias (2022)

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Electronic and Electro-Acoustic

  • "Storming at the Mechanic" (2017)

  • "Don't Care" (2018)

  • "Electric Shaker" (2020)

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Film and Stage

  • Filthy, A New Musical (2014)

  • The Search for Eusebius Hershey, Original Score (2015), Commissioned by Richard Young, Bethel College

  • If Music Be the Food of Love: Sonnet 28 & 29 (2015), Commissioned by Quinton McMutuary, Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival

  • Trapped Nowhere, Original Film Score (2016)

  • Rich and Famous, The Musical (2019)

  • Quarantined, A Chamber Opera (2020)

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