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Project Pandemic

It's no secret we're in the middle of global crisis with the Coronavirus running rapid across several countries around the globe. Let's not even talk about the response to this pandemic, specifically that of the United States. I have been less than satisfied with the way it has been handled by the federal government and the administration of the guy-in-the-White-House. As an artist, I find myself feeling somewhat useless in the middle of this crisis. Music, theatre, and art has always gotten the world through war and crises in the past so why is this any different. Then it hit like a 50-pound brick... it doesn't have to. In fact, I think it is easier now to comfort the world with art music because of technology and social media.


That is what I found myself doing. Writing, practicing, and performing music and theatre for the purpose of giving myself and others just a couple of hours of escape from the hell in which we find ourselves. Once this is all said and done, I think we'll emerge better for it (even if the economy doesn't) but for the time being, putting my thoughts, feelings, and everything in between into the my work has been my saving grace.

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