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Political Frustration

It's no surprise that our country is literally in turmoil. Let's face it, our government has been shut down for going on week 3, I believe, and things don't seem to be looking up in the slightest. For the average America, it's easy to assume that some of the current happenings in Washington do not directly affect them. And, from the surface, they'd be right. I even found myself having to remind myself that everything that is currently happening in our government, affects everyone including me. With that, it's easy, even encouraged, to become incredibly frustrated with the country. But in all that anger and frustration, I think it's important to consider what the country being in such a rough state is doing for others, and that is it's causing people to wake up and become more politically active.

Cardi B, the female rapping phenom, actually posted a tweet, expressing how angry and frustrated she was with the current state of the administration and the country because of her frustration. As well, we saw the largest number EVER of female and POC's elected into Congress this past election cycle because of their frustration. Even now, more and more Democrats are announcing their bids for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee, more than I've ever seen this early on. With that being said, I think it goes to show just beneficial political frustration can be despite the weight it may seem to carry on our shoulders.

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